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Pet Sitting & Home Visits

Are you out at work all day on a regular basis or are you just off out for a day trip somewhere nice and concerned about your pet being left alone for such a long period of time? My pet sitting and home visit services provide you with the reassurance that your beloved pet will not become lonely, bored or anxious in your absence.



Dogs are sociable animals who need and enjoy company as well as both mental and physical stimulation. Dogs that are left for more than 4 hours at a time can get lonely, anxious and bored. They need opportunities to interact positively with appropriate companions on a regular basis.

If you need someone to look after your dog in their own home, I can visit them during the day to refresh water, feed them, let them out into the garden as well as walking them when required. They will obviously receive plentiful cuddles and fusses whilst I'm there!

If you have a senior or recouperating dog who prefer (or needs) to remain in the comfort of their own home, I can administer medication, refresh water, replenish food, take them out for short lead walks and socialisation sessions and provide comfort and company for your beloved best friend.

If you have a young puppy (fully vaccinated or not yet vaccinated) that needs that specialist one to one care, please take a look at my Puppy Packages.



Cats love to be in their own home environment where they feel secure and safe but have the freedom to roam and return.  If you’re going away for a holiday or short break and need someone to care for your cat to minimise the stress and anxiety your pet may experience whilst you’re away, Tails ‘n’ Trails can help!

My cat sitting/home visit service will make your stay away from your pet as worry free as possible, allowing your cat to maintain its routine and retain its regular diet as well as having the human interaction that it will be missing so much in your absence.

I can visit your home once or twice a day feed and fuss your cat, refresh water bowls as well as to clean litter trays, feeding area and food/water bowls. 



Small Pet Visits are for small domestic pets such as hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, caged birds etc. I will feed your pet and provide them with fresh water daily, clean out hutches and cages, arrange fresh bedding and toys and handle and care for your pet. You can concentrate on that work trip, or relax on that holiday in the safe knowledge that your small pet is being cared for in your absence.



If you're away on holiday, as an added bonus, all home pet visits include a free helpful housekeeping service which includes tasks such as watering plants, bringing in post and newspapers, feeding fish, bringing in the bins etc. I'll also drop you a regular text or email to let you know all is well.

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