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Puppy Packages

  • For those that have taken the huge step of getting a puppy, you'll by now have realised the amount of time, attention, interaction, affection and training they need!

  • One of the most important things for a puppy during it's early life is socialisation with other animals/dogs as well as noises, smells, sights and experiences in their new world, enabling them to grow up happy and confident - it is the most important factor in the future well-being of your dog.

    If you're out in the day I can provide a variety of services to cater to the needs of your puppy; including popping in to feed, water, let out into the garden, fuss and play. As your puppy grows and is fully vaccinated to start venturing outside of the house, I can begin short walks, starting from 10 minutes and building up to 30 minutes as your puppy grows older (the recommendation is roughly 5 minutes walking per month of age).

    Together with my pop in services and short walks, I also offer on-going basic obedience training to reinforce the training and commands that you will have started with your new pup.

  • This can progress onto beginning to practice off lead walking and recalls. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and to see how I can help.



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