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Doggie Day Care

gardenAre you out at work all day on a regular basis or are you just off out for a day trip somewhere nice and concerned about your dog being left alone for such a long period of time?

Dogs are sociable animals who need and enjoy company as well as both mental and physical stimulation and if left for more than 4 hours at a time can get lonely, anxious and bored.  They need opportunities to interact positively with appropriate companions on a regular basis.

So why not drop off your pooch with me in the morning and collect when you return in the evening?  You’ll be greeted by a happy hound who’s had company and been for a walk with his pals and has received plenty of physical and mental stimulation throughout the day.

Doggie Day Care runs generally from 8am until 6pm but if your requirements are outside of these times or you will find it difficult to drop off your dog at my home, get in touch with me to discuss other options.

Your canine companion will be welcomed into my dog friendly home with good sized and completely secure garden.  Being amongst dog lovers, he/she will be treated as another member of the family and given the love, attention and companionship that they’re used to in their own home including plenty of cuddles and play







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